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Doing a photo shoot is not simply stepping in front of the camera and and pressing the shutter. If you want to archive great results, it needs some fair amount of planing to prepare a session. Generally speaking, it’s safe to say as more time you spend on preparation the better the results will be.


Each genre needs it's own planning, this could be anything from a short briefing via phone between the talent (you) and photographer (me) and up to a couple of weeks of work with lots of poeple involved.

A test shot doesn't need a huge amount of planning. You need to know what clothes to bring (see also „Test Shoots") and the type of make-up if no make up artist is on set. On the other side, a staged glamour shot with lots of props might take weeks, if not months, to plan an prepare everything from creating the looks and building the set.

Wardrobe Raid

For Test Shots the look is more or less set, but with every other creative session, we will discuss the general idea of the photo shoot first. Once we outlined the basic idea, we do a wardrobe check. You will look for key pieces that might match and send some pictures over. Based on the availble wardrobe, we will start planning and create a mood board.

Mood Board

Now we're getting serious. Assuming you have a Pinterest-account (if not, create one, it's highly recommended!), we will start collecting ideas / inspiration within a share pinterest board. You might also find some interesting pictures in fashion magazines, so tear them out or take a photo with your phone and upload it to the pinterest board.The mood board is a collection of ideas of light settings, locations, colours, poses or little details we like and might want to incorporate into our session.

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